Ellis Kuhnke Pneumatic Timer

A unique pneumatic timer where timing commences only upon complete removal of the timing control signal.

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Ellis Kuhnke PT pneumatic timers are capable of operating at low pressures from 20 psi up to 140 psi and temperature extremes of -20F to 165F.

Two types of PT pneumatic timer are offered, these are:

Type PT31 - A pilot pressure is applied to the control port to start timing. When the timer reaches its preset time, the valve switches over. Removal of the pilot pressure to the control port resets the timer and the valve to its spring condition.

Type PT41 - A pilot pressure of at least 100ms in duration shifts the valve away from its spring condition. Upon removal of the pilot pressure, the timing sequence begins, the valve returns to its spring condition upon timeout.

Spring and diaphragm technology is used to achieve timing, the principle of operation is atmospheric pressure fill or vacuum decay technology to control the timing cycle, unlike other pneumatic timers, no continuous air consumption is required to perform a timing function.

A separate atmospheric chamber is isolated from mains air pressure; a rod passes through the body of the timer connecting the diaphragm to a 3-way changeover valve that operates on completion of timing. The 3-way valve can be connected in a number of ways offering multiple output possibilities.

PT41 type pneumatic timers are unique; they are the only timer on the market where timing commences upon complete removal of compressed air to the control port, they are often used to delay the exhaust of a system upon air failure. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

Here’s a short video showing the pneumatic PT timer - other videos are available through our YouTube channel.

The most popular Ellis Kuhnke timers are: PT31A | PT41A | PT31B | PT41B | PT31C | PT41C | PT31D | PT41D | PT31E | PT41E | PT31F | PT41F | PT31G | PT41G | PT31H | PT41H | PT31I | PT41I

Our range of pneumatic Ellis Kuhnke timers are normally available from stock or short lead time, please call or email us for further information.

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