Pneumatic Digital Timer

Digital pneumatic timers, upon loss of air they retain their last timing value, ideal for cumulative timing applications.

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Digital pneumatic timers are entirely different to other pneumatic timers, upon loss of air they retain their last timing value which is useful for applications where a cumulative time limit is necessary, for example, maintenance or filter changing on pneumatic systems or hand vibration at work laws which prevent the overuse of specific equipment.

Upon application of compressed air, pneumatic pulses, seconds or minutes are generated and registered on a two-line display of either 3 or 5 digits. The upper row of digits displays elapsed time while the lower row continuously shows the static time preset. When the time elapsed reaches the preset value, an output is given and continues until a reset. Reset is by a pneumatic pulse to port Y or via the front button.

Automatic reset versions will generate a pulsed output on completion of preset time and reset automatically; used for repetitive pulsing applications, for example, automatic dosing over time.

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