Pneumatic Preset Counters

A preset counter upon reaching a predetermined value generates an output; this output remains on until reset.

Data Sheet - Adding Pneumatic Counter
Data Sheet - Subtracting Pneumatic Counter
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Preset pneumatic counters are designed to count pneumatic pulses and resister them on a mechanical display; a pneumatic output on reaching a preset value is given and remains on until reset, used to signal other devices within a pneumatic system.

Pneumatic preset counters are a favourite industry device, constructed with durable plastic moulded bodies, often used for industrial machine applications where batch counting, ratio counting or dosing is an essential requirement of a process. They are intrinsically safe, commonly used in areas where no electrical power is permitted.

Using the push buttons on the front of the counter you set a preset value, white digits on a black background make it easy to read.

Pneumatic air pulses are either added or subtracted depending on the version selected. Adding versions have two rows of digits; the original preset value and process value are always visible, the counter starts from zero and counts up to a preset value, then a pneumatic output is generated. Subtracting versions have a single row of digits; a preset value reduces until it reaches zero, then a pneumatic output is generated.

Reset the device by either pressing the front reset button or by a pneumatic pulse signal to the rear of the counter, reset port Y.

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