Pneumatic Pressure Switch

Pneumatic Pressure Switch, adjustable or non-adjustable, suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

Pressure Switch Non-Adjustable Type (Pressure)
Pressure Switch Adjustable Type (Pressure)
Pressure Switch Adjustable High Sensitivity Type (Pressure & Vacuum)

Pneumatic pressure switches, designed for detecting the presence of pressure in pneumatic systems; often referred to as a PE converter or a PE switch; they convert air pressure to a set of electrical contacts.

We offer two versions of a pressure switch, adjustable or non-adjustable. The miniature non-adjustable version 60.060.01, often used with battery operated timers or counters; that provides a simple, low-cost solution for a wide variety of applications, typical examples include, regular filter changing, servicing of air tools and diaphragm pumps.

Adjustable pressure switches, type 60.073, have changeover contacts which make or break a circuit when reaching a preset pressure; available setting ranges are 0.5 to 4 bar or 3 to 8 bar.

Our high sensitivity version, type 60.006, offers a particularly impressive setting range of 3 to 30 mbar used where weak signal strengths are present; or for vacuum applications.

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Pressure Switch Non-Adjustable Type (Pressure) PS002 253.34 KB - PDF
Pressure Switch Adjustable Type (Pressure) PS000 279.18 KB - PDF
Pressure Switch Adjustable High Sensitivity Type (Pressure & Vacuum) PS001 395.08 KB - PDF

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