Set-It Forget-It Pneumatic Timer

A rugged and reliable pneumatic timer suited to many arduous, repetitive pneumatic timing applications.

Pneumatic Set It Forget It Timer M5 Bottom Ports
Pneumatic Set It Forget It Timer 1/8 NPT Side Ports

This particular pneumatic timer has no moving display, so time elapsed to output is not visible, they are often calibrated and set once, rarely adjusted while in use, sited within a control cabinet and out of reach, and for this reason, referred to as a ‘Set-it Forget-it’ pneumatic timer.

With excellent repeatability, based on a reservoir and diaphragm design there are few moving parts, making this a very rugged and reliable product suited to many arduous applications.

On or off delay timing functions are available with M5 bottom ports or 1/8 side ports. There are three timing ranges available; these are 0.5 to 60, 1 to 120 and 3 to 180 seconds. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

ATEX - this product when used within its design parameters, does not have the potential for ignition, therefore can be used within an ATEX environment - product group IIG/IID, Category 3, Zones 2 & 22, not downhole or mining applications for which full independent certification is a requirement. Here you can download our Certificate of Attestation for the use of this equipment with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Here’s a short video showing the ‘Set-it Forget-it’ pneumatic timer - other videos are available through our YouTube channel.

Our range of pneumatic timers are normally available from stock, we offer direct replacements for all other major brands, please ask for further information.

The most popular 51 series timers are 51.006.00 | 51.012.00 | 51.018.00 | 51.006.00.US | 51.012.00.US | 51.018.00.US - there are many more to choose from within these technical sheets.

Pneumatic Set It Forget It Timer M5 Bottom Ports QY003 225.03 KB - PDF
Pneumatic Set It Forget It Timer 1/8 NPT Side Ports QY004 246.96 KB - PDF

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